We are Purity, a Young Enterprise student company who have formed as a social enterprise in order to raise awareness of drink spiking. We were shocked to learn that drink spiking in the UK has increased by 108 percent since 2015, but victims reported to Sky News that they believe incidents are vastly under Reported. Students at university are particularly vulnerable and at Purity, our aim is to ensure that young people can go out, have fun and drink safely, know the risks and know how they can protect their drink and therefore themselves.


We have interviewed one victim who most fortunately was not harmed, or taken advantage of, but she described the feeling as being totally out of control of her own body, and to this day does not know who poured a substance into her drink that left her incapacitated for many hours, she is upset to feel it could have been one of her friends, and now has a trust issue with all those she was out with that night. Some victims suffer memory loss, others are too embarrassed to report the incident – it can happen to anyone. Drink spiking may be done with the intent of stealing from the victim or sexually assaulting the victim, and whilst 72% of victims are female– it happens to men too, – everyone can be vulnerable if they don’t take enough care of their drink, leaving it out of sight just for a minute or so means you are vulnerable and could easily become a victim. A substance can be added to any drink, whether alcoholic or not, and it can be tasteless – you would have no knowledge that you drink may contain Rohypnol or any other substance. BBC News Report: Lily Petch arrived at university ready for a new adventure – but her drink was spiked on just her second night. “People said I went from having the best night of my life to then losing consciousness and feeling really sick”; said the 18-year-old. “I couldn’t keep my head up, I remember feeling really unsteady and not really knowing what was going on. I went unconscious, fell in the road, I was throwing up everywhere. I couldn’t keep my head up, I remember feeling really unsteady and not really knowing what was going on”; she said. After receiving treatment at hospital, Lily was allowed to recover at home – but the experience left her nervous of going out in the city again. At Purity we have created a small anti-spike testing kit which is being sold for £5.99, this contains a test card, a test wristband together with a couple of spikey’s which are used to plug the tops of bottles, the money raised goes towards raising further awareness, and you can find Purity at our website – www.bit.ly/puritydrink or on our Instagram, drink_purity.

Managing Director of Purity, Fred Lob said “If our campaign helps just one person to be safe and not become another victim, our campaign can be thought of as a success”, – our message is simple – don’t let your drink out of your sight, don’t accept a free drink from someone you don’t know and be aware. Always, carry our test card with you and if in any doubt at all – test your drink, for results within seconds.


Purity, Young Enterprise. Claysemore School