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Thrive and Survive are certain that everyone is capable of having an amazing experience at university; our aim is to help all students achieve this. Upon starting uni in 2015, we noticed a distinct lack of helpful advice available to new students, regarding the ups and downs of university life and how to cope with these challenges.

Throughout our careers at uni we have been through course changes, romances, break-ups, doubts, bad marks, good marks, parties, attendance warnings, the list goes on… But ultimately, we have been to two graduation ceremonies and can look back fondly on our time at uni, knowing that it has changed our lives for the better.

There is no ready-made university experience, every student creates their own. For many, university is the first taste of true independence and forging a new university life is going to take a degree of pro-activeness. However, there are already so many systems in place designed to help students to have a great time – our Guide to your first year at uni helps to show everyone where to look.

Will Jones - Company Director

Since finishing my degree in Economics and History, I have been driven to provide the best possible advice for the future generations of students. I got the inspiration for Thrive & Survive while on placement at HM Treasury in 2018.
During this time I noticed a stream of attention being directed towards student mental health, accompanied by a distinct lack of solutions addressing the disturbing trends. I have witnessed first-hand how tough the transition to Uni can be and I am determined to provide every opportunity for students across the country to get the help they need.

Bede Rauh - Company Director

Having started University in Leeds in 2015 studying theatre studies, I eventually graduated in 2019 with a degree in classical civilisation. My first hand experience of the trials and tribulations of university life gave me a determination to help future students through their university years. I subsequently jumped at the opportunity to help Will develop our first university advice booklet and Thrive and Survive was born. My goal is to help establish a supporting and supportive student community as the norm, bringing considerations about student welfare to the forefront of the academic community.