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Our University Guide to Your First Year

Welcome to university…

Having been a part of the student community for four years and spoken to the students around us, we have centred our university guide booklet on the aspects of university life we believe to be the most important to consider when starting uni. We offer advice on: Arriving, Your Bedroom, The Kitchen, Socialising, Partying, People, Relationships, Exercise, Cooking, Eating, Spending, Budgeting and Studying. We are intent on offering constructive advice in these areas, not content with simply pointing out issues or glazing over them.

Thrive & Survive: A Guide to your First Year at Uni provides concise advice across these areas with a particular focus on finding a perfect balance of them all; a balance which suits each individual’s unique personality.

“Every university experience is unique… it is important to find a balance that suits you. Balance can be achieved through moderation in all things. Try not to be anxious about the future, instead embrace the opportunity to recreate yourself and to mould the Uni life that you want to live”

(excerpt from A Guide to your first year @ Uni)

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